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The FIESA Festival

Sand City is the largest sand sculpture exhibition in the world and it hosts the FIESA International Sand Sculpture Festival. Every year, a group of talented sculptors, from various parts of the world and experts in the art of sand sculpting, join to give shape to fourty-five thousand tons of sand, in an area of fifteen thousand square meters. An exclusive place composed of true artistic works and endowed with a unique architectural beauty. The city is magical, more than an exhibition of sculptures, it is a sensorial experience that is worth a visit. The attribution of the status of "sand city" is not only the concept developed, the organization of space, but also the quantity of sculptures that exists in this city and which amount to hundreds. At the time of the festival Sand City offers a range of activities related to sand sculpture, workshops and demonstrations on sculpting technique, video projections, amusement equipment, a shop, a snack bar, a fish spa and a cultural agenda with spectacles within the diverse artistic forms. The Fiesa Festival is definitely a place to visit with the whole family, until the 31st of October in Pêra.